Danfoss Universe

Science and adventure park in Nordborg

Danfoss Universe - a science adventure park where children and adults play their way to knowledge of science. Here you are even a part of the experience when the park's many fun activities and exciting natural phenomena to be explored. Use both body and intelligence when you for example lift a car, move a ball with the power of thought or drive slalom on the cool Segways. We are looking forward to seeing you.
Note that Danfoss Universe closed for the winter mid October through to April. 

Sønderborg Castle

Beautiful baroque castle
Visit Sønderborg Castle, which in the latter half of the 12th century was built as a castle and where Chr. II in the years 1532-1549 was held. In the 18th century façade of the castle changed, so that today it is a baroque style. Cultural history museum in the castle At the museum, you get more about South Jutland history from the Middle Ages to today. Especially wars from 1848-1850, 1864 and 1914 to 1918 and the referendum and unification in 1920 are documented here. Notice also the great historical collections of textiles, crafts, maritime, handicraft and art department with exquisite works. The café 'The Round Table' awaits you a fragrant cup of coffee or a refreshing cola.

Augustenborg Castle

Discover the impressive castle with a fascinating history
Augustenborg Castle is located in the inner cove of Augustenborg Fjord. The castle was built in the 1770s and was once the seat of the Duke of Augustenburg family. Garden Room and the Duke study can be experienced on a tour of the site. There is also access to the church and a mini museum, which is housed in the castle's gatehouse. Here you can see a small exhibition about the castle, the city and the Duke family history. Outside the castle invites the castle park for a walk.

Gråsten Castle

Royal palace with its own church and park 
Gråsten Castle is very scenically situated and surrounded by a beautiful castle garden and Sonder Jutland forests and lakes. The beautiful white castle originated in its present form from 1759, and inhabited by Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik a few weeks a year. The elegantly decorated chapel inspired by the Jesuit Church in Antwerp. Church and palace garden can be visited when the castle is not inhabited. The beautiful garden offers experiences for all senses Gråsten Palace Gardens is an English inspired, romantic landscape with winding corridors, shrubs and a small gazebo. The garden is one of the most beautiful gardens in Northern Europe and offers large, colorful perennials, herbs, roses of all kinds, majestic trees, ponds with water lilies in many colors, which is bordered by rhododendron. The flowers are introduced and composed by Queen Ingrid. There is access to the garden,

Slotsbakken 1
6300 Gråsten


Dybbøl Mill

The beautiful Dybbøl Mill in Sunshine Coast is both a museum and a national symbol
The historic and restored Dybbøl Mill is located in a former military strategic area, and therefore come under fire several times. The mill has since 1995 been used as a museum, and the four exhibitions: 'Dybbøl Mill history', 'Dybbøl Mill as a national symbol,' 'Glory mark - on war graves and monuments in Southern Jutland' and 'From grain to flour', illustrates the history of the mill from 1742 until today. See, inter alia, the old, intact machinery and the grinders that were used to grind grain.

Elstrup Mill

Beautiful Dutch mill with museum by Nordborg
Elstrup grinder is a protected, 8-sided Dutch mill, which was built in Østerholm in 1859 and moved to Elstrup in 1888. The mill, which is the only remaining of galleried type in Denmark, which means it is built entirely of wood, has been in operation up to 1970. today the mill as a museum, and here you can experience one of the finest mill collections, but also the old mills, sieving machines and millstones, tools and utensils can still be seen here.

Fynshavvej 12
6430 Nordborg

Egen Mill

Small, cozy and small fishing Put & Take lake Nordborg
Egen Mill is a small purified natural lake on 2 acres. Country. The lake has a depth of 2.5 m, and here you can catch trout. These include tables, benches and cleaning tables available here. We rent fishing tackle and bait sold on site.

Nordborgvej 120
6430 Nordborg

Europe's Highest sundial

Europe's Highest sundial 12 m high sundial in Nordborg
In Guderup will find a sundial which is 12 m high and has a diameter of 28 m. The clock displays the time with an accuracy of plus / minus 2 minutes and in 1992 won an award at an international solurkonkurrence in Milan.


This is a copy of Hjortspringbåden. 
Hjortspringbåden is Northern Europe's oldest plank-built vessel. The boat is almost 20 meters long. The fast and bouncy vessel weighed 530 kg and could carry 24 men with weapons and other gear. The boat consists of a bottom plank and two wide planks on each side, which is sewn to the bast. Boats ends of which are held together by two stem-blocks. At both ends, the boat is equipped with two curved extensions. The planks of linden and paddle oars of field maple. Hjortspringbåden testify shipbuilding dating back to the Bronze Age.
Dyvigvej 11
6430 Nordborg

Jørgen Riecks archaeological collection

Amazing, archaeological private collection in Nordborg
This archaeological collection was built up by Jørgen Riecks for 60 years and is probably the largest collection of this kind. The collection for some geographic areas even the National Museum. Furthermore, you can experience individual Danefæ at the museum.
Egebjergvej 4
6430 Nordborg

SAAB Collection

Brand vehicles SAAB from 1951-1967, collected in Nordborg
In Svenstrup the mechanic Vagn Bruncke established a museum of cars of the brand SAAB. The oldest model is a SAAB 92 A from 1951 - presumably the oldest SAAB in the country. Among the collection is also a SAAB Super Sport model, which in the early 60s won the Rally Monte Carlo in three consecutive years. If you want to inspect the collection, you must make an appointment.
Nordborgvej 56
6430 Nordborg

Als Go-Kart Center

Denmark's finest go-kart track
Experience speed, fun and excitement on the 765 meters long track, which is very scenically situated. Here you can challenge friends and family.
Pilehavevej 10
6440 Augustenborg


Bowling with the whole family in Sønderborg
Visit South Jutland's largest bowling center. Here you will find 16 fully automatic AMF lanes, billiards, air hockey and slot machines. When bowling game is over, you can enjoy yourselves in the center pub or cafe, while the children play in the play rooms.

Damgade 106
6400 Sønderborg


Museet Sønderborg Hospital

Arranged as a former German field hospital
This museum is located at Sønderborg Hospital and shows the device from a prior German field hospital. 
Open by appointment.

Deutsches Museum Nordschleswig

A fascinating museum in Sønderborg with German minority as the main topic
Deutsches Museum Nordschleswig is a historical museum, which informs about the German minority's history after 1850, including by means of artistic and cultural historical collections. The collections inform about everyday life, politics, social issues, art, school life, war participation in 1939-45, transitional justice and the subsequent time. The museum will find one of Sønderborg's old brewery buildings.
Rønhaveplads 12
6400 Sønderborg


Experience a merchant's house from the 1940s in Sønderborg
At Merchant museum Chestnut-house can experience the aroma and the atmosphere as it was at the grocery store in the 1940s. Also, see the extensive collection of contemporary products on the market.
Kastanie Allé 1A
6400 Sønderborg

History Center Dybbøl Banke

Experience and tell center of Jutland on the war in 1864.
History Center luxury service located in a beautiful glacial landscape with views of the Flensburg Fjord. The center is housed in a 1000 m2 large, and very special, architect-designed house from 1990. The center is an experiential and tell the center that deals with the war in 1864. You are in the middle of the events (the war) here. Take cover in the Danish trenches, meet the weary soldiers, experience living stories, grenades, guns, exhibitions, activities, films and reconstructions from the war. In the shop on site you can buy books about the war, 1864.